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Can I Doubt?

April 26, 2020
Thomas is considered the classic doubter of faith but John 20 also describes his declaration of faith

Can I Be Sad?

April 19, 2020
Easter is triumphant celebration - yet the reality is we live in a hard and burdened world. Luke 24 reminds us that Jesus continues to walk alongside of us -…
Easter Sunday 2020 begs the question of where do we belong in the midst of a Covid 19 world.  We belong body and soul - in life and in death…

Holy Saturday

April 11, 2020
Easter Saturday reminds us of the waiting between the past and the potential Psalm 40 leads us in a space of waiting for the Lord

Good Friday

April 10, 2020
Good Friday reminds us of Christ's death on the cross for our sins - but also the impact of our sinfulness that Christ died for.
We are reminded through all of Lent the work God has done in setting the stage for us to belong to Him.  Yet the question we must ask ourselves is…
Looking forward to the Kingdom of God for eternity is balanced by living (and building) God's Kingdom for the present. Philippians challenges us to look up in gratitude and live…
As the Covid 19 virus sweeps around the world it impacts our understanding of our world now and our understanding of heaven yet to come.  We seek to understand what…


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