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Worship Is …….

September 8, 2019
Worship exists everywhere - the real question is WHO or WHAT are we worshiping. Philippians 2 shows us the focus of WHO we worship in church and Psalm 150 reveals…
Psalm 145 recaps our summer series (Know God - Seek God - Belong to God - Trust in God) and leads us forward into worship
Psalm 121 speaks of our need for trusting in God and the reasons why we can trust in God
God invites us to seek after Him - with honesty of who we are and with humility of who we are not alongside a hope of who we could be

Isaiah's encounter with God reminds us of our confessions of faith, sin,  hope and gratitude.

Daniel speaks a prayer of searching for God's truth in redeeming His people from exile in Babylonia and discovers trust in the God who was and ever will be in…


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