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In the midst of Covid 19 crisis of fear we are reminded to have faith.  Faith in the God who takes care of us by His presence, His power and…
We are challenged to move from slavery to sin to being saved from sin.  We are challenged to move from forgiveness into a freedom with God and for God.  …

we had a technical glitch in recording the audio for this past Sunday morning - but the sermon summary and reflections are attached
unfortunately we had a technical glitch in recording this sermon However the sermon summary and reflective questions are attached !!!

Is Jesus Approachable?

February 9, 2020
The woman with a bleeding illness shows her faith in striving for a healing from Jesus.  Jesus blesses her faith through His grace and peace.
The Gentile centurion illustrates great faith in Jesus - even though he as power and authority over men he realizes that Jesus has power and authority over all !!
Nicodemus challenges us to consider the changes that being in the kingdom of God require.  To be born again.  From above and ongoingly from within.


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