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Maranatha YYC begins its Lent 2021 journey with a look at what we want and what God wants

Hope From Wisdom

February 14, 2021
Maranatha YYC sees in Proverbs 16 that Epiphany inspiration and Proverb wisdom come from a hope in God

Help From Wisdom

January 31, 2021
Maranatha YYC continues its Epiphany 2021 journey of life and faith with a look at God's help to our world and our need to lean INTO His help and lean…
Maranatha YYC looks at the healing by God from humiliation to humility ***** THIS IS A SHORTENED VERSION OF THE SERMON ---  A FULLER VERSION WILL BE LISTED LATER IN…
Maranatha YYC explores the Proverb wisdom of being honest - with God and with ourselves.
Maranatha YYC looks at how our hunger for things of this world turns us Hangry.  Proverbs 16 reminds us that our hunger is for God's presence and power in our…


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