Covid 19 Updates

Updated Covid Response – January 2023

During the Covid pandemic Maranatha YYC – like many other organizations – was forced to adjust how it operated.  We have responded with innovation and adaptation in our various spheres of ministry – Worship, Fellowship, Discipleship, Missionship and Discipleship.

Maranatha YYC has always been committed to the idea that while we may not be able to gather at the church we will continue to be the church.  The changes in how we operated as a church never impacted our why we operated. We continue to desire to be Ambassadors of Jesus Christ in all facets of life and faith.

In the spring of 2022 – in accordance with the laws of the city of Calgary and the province of Alberta we were able to remove all Covid protocols including space limitations, distancing limitations, refreshment limitations and masking requirements. As such our ministries – including our Sunday worship – became open to all to are able to attend.

NOTE – At the same time we recognize that there are persons who are unable to attend – either by choice of life or condition of life – and as such Maranatha will continue to livestream our Sunday worship services and exist in a hybrid manner.

Maranatha YYC will continue to recognize the benefits of health and safety and as such we continue to encourage all those who enter the facility to utilize the hand sanitizing stations.

As always – Maranatha YYC remains available through our membership, our leadership and our staff to serve if and when and how we can.  Feel free to contact us and see where we can be the hands and feet of Jesus for you.


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