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Updated Covid 19 Response – July 2021

As of July 11, 2021 the Covid 19 protocols and guidelines for Alberta and Calgary have been adjusted as a result of growing vaccination rates and a decreased Covid 19 numbers and we are now into Phase 3 of Alberta’s relaunch directives which removes all mandatory restrictions within our worship and ministry environments.

This will allow Maranatha YYC to remove all limits on attendance, on mandatory masking, on singing, on using separate entrances and exits amongst other avenues.  Our nursery is available with parent supervision only.  Church school and ministry groups will begin again in the fall.

Maranatha YYC recognizes that there have been many hardships and blessings in the pandemic ‘normal’ and as we continue to pivot into what lies ahead for us we will continue to livestream our worship services allowing options for people to participate in whatever means they feel comfortable.  The leadership of Maranatha YYC encourages everyone to continue to utilize our digital avenues of worship to God and work for God.

We celebrate the truth that social distancing is not spiritual distancing and that Maranatha YYC is not just a building but an organization of God’s people.  We remain determined that while not all may be able to gather at the church, we will continue to still gather as a church.  As such we remain committed – through inperson and through online means – to engage in our ministry focuses of:

      • worshipping God
      • being discipled into God’s people
      • fellowshipping as God’s people
      • serving the many needs of God’s world as God’s people through stewardly living and giving.

See the announcements for resources and opportunities.

We remain available through our membership, our leadership and our staff to serve if and when and how we can.  Feel free to contact us and see where we can be the hands and feet of Jesus for you.


We are the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing His love.

We are the hands and feet of Jesus, sharing His love.

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